Nikon’s Lens Simulator

If you’re a Nikonian wondering which lens is best for you, then Nikon has some cool interactive tools to help you decide, by making it easy to explore and compare lenses. If you are a newbie in the world of DSLR and Photography, it will be quite difficult to decide which lenses are best for your kind of photography. With a massive range of lenses coming in market in all shapes and sizes, deciding between your focal lengths, apertures and zoom ratios isn’t always straight forward – this is where Lens Simulator proves to be an invaluable tool.

The Lens Simulator is easy to use and allows you to simulate how different lenses ranging from wide to telescopic and different formats can interact to create different photographs. First, you have to choose your camera body(cropped or full sensor) and lens. Now you can slide the Focal Length bar to see the differences in the angle of view that you can get for the image.

Even if you’re not a Nikon user, this tool is great and informative for getting a good idea and understanding about the effects of different focal lengths and sensor sizes.

So what are you waiting for – try out the Nikon Lens Simulator now !!!



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