How to Take Great Photos of Your Christmas Tree

Happy Christmas !!!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Merry Christmas is just knocking the door. So let’s play with lights, camera, a little bit of action and take a look at how to get the most effective Christmas photos.
 Christmas tree
Here are few quick and easy ways to photograph your Christmas tree lights:
  1. Turn off the lights – Light your Christmas tree and turn off all of the other lights in your room.
  2. Don’t use flash – Flash will lead to a blown out photo as it’ll overpower the twinkly lights on the Christmas tree. So, turn off that flash or if you’re using a mounted flash, point it up to the ceiling to help diffuse the light. Use the bounced light instead of directly flashing your subjects.
  3. Shoot in Manual mode – Change your focus to manual instead of auto to get more creative.
  4. Play with White Balance – Play with the WB settings until you find a color balance that suits your visual needs.
  5. Aperture – Set your aperture high(f22 or higher) so as to create the twinkling effect(starbursts) in Christmas lights. Play with different apertures to see which you like the best.
  6. ISO – Set ISO to a low setting, say 100 or 200 to yield crystal-clear and noise-free images. Experiment with different ISO settings in order to get the right amount of light in your image.
  7. Shutter speed – With low ISO and high aperture, you’ll need a really slow shutter speed in order to capture all the lights of your christmas tree.
  8. Use a tripod – As you’ll be using a slow shutter speed, you would need to use a tripod to keep your camera very still while you photograph your tree. You can use either the remote trigger/cable release or camera’s self-timer to make sure you minimize any possible camera shake from pressing the shutter.

Happy holidays and happy shooting 🙂


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