8 DIY Smartphone Photography Tips

Watch COOPH photographer Richard Schabetsberger demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks in Salzburg, Austria. Check out this video for really cool and interesting ways to get creative with the smartphone in your pocket. Give some of these a try this weekend !!!

Here is a list of the eight tricks shown in the video:

Aerial Photography

Fill a balloon with helium, use the fishing wire as a cable and attach your Smartphone to it. Let the balloon float up, then trigger your Smartphone’s camera shutter button using a shutter remote. We are not responsible for any damage that will happen to your smartphone as a result of this 🙂


Sunglass Filters

Use your sunglasses (with gradient lenses) as a filter. Just put your sunglasses in front of your smartphone camera on a sunny day and shoot.


Pinhole Photography

Make a hole in a cardboard and place it over your Smartphone’s camera lens.


3D Frame

Cut a cardboard of any color and into any shape to make a frame. Place it over your subject such that the surroundings are still visible and capture the shot.


Tiny Planet Technique

Download a ‘tiny planet’ app and create your very own tiny planet from a panorama. Enter the COOPH Tiny Planet Contest.



Just use a black paper and press the screen to lock the exposure.Now the exposure won’t change. Capture your model.


Inception Selfie

Capture a variety of fun images you can use to create photos within photos. Hold the camera with the image you want to use up to your face and then CLICK.


DIY Projector

Use a lens or magnifying glass to make a hole in a box. Secure the lens/magnifying glass in the hole. Put your phone upside down inside the box supporting it with something. Place this projector in front of a blank wall, press play, close the lid and see your shots appear on the wall.

Photo Credits: Richard Schabetsberger


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