Mother Takes Heart-touching Photos Of Her Lovely Daughter

A mother uses photography to show her daughter that the possibilities for her life are endless. Photographer Holly Spring’s young daughter was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease and has only one hand.

“My daughter is my muse and my heart that inspires me to follow my passion and share these unique photos and digital art with you.” Holly mentions on her website.

Holly Spring is a portrait photographer based out of New Zealand famous for her whimsical, imaginative & dreamy artwork. “I love capturing natural light and artistic shots to create something really unique and beautiful.” says Holly on Facebook.

The creative series is an inspiring story of a mother’s unconditional love. It features her cute young daughter ‘Violet‘ in stunning surreal scenes that feel like a fairytale in a magical land. Her photography won the NZIPP/Epson Iris Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year award in 2014.

Find more of Holly’s work on : Website | Facebook | Twitter | 500px | Pinterest | Google+




Violet’s lament to the Sea


Into the setting Sun


Goodnight sweet light


Beach pals in the winter sun


The Faerie Navigator


The Light Bearer



All images courtesy : Holly Spring


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