Can you guess what happened just after this picture was taken

Atif Saeed, a 38-year-old photographer from Lahore, captured this stunning picture of a lion milliseconds before it tried to pounce on him. This picture was taken in 2012 while the photographer was visiting Lahore Safari Park.

He got out of his car and sat on the ground a stone’s throw from the lion. Unfortunately, the clicking sound of the camera’s shutter alerted the lion of his presence. The beast noticed the trespasser and pounced towards him. But Atif managed to reach the car, not only with his life but also with a great shot to boast of.


Photo Credit : Atif Saeed

Saeed tells Daily Mail “I was sitting in front of him just near my car and the door of my car was open. I was sat on ground few feet away, so he was treating me like his prey. I was thinking – I must show the character and status of lion and this was the only way I could think of to achieve this. The story finished in few seconds as the lion aggressively jumped towards me and I just about scrambled into my car. I was laughing at that time, but now when I think back about the incident I don’t think I would be able to do it again. It was a pretty close encounter.”

Find more of Atif Saeed’s work on Facebook | 500px | Flickr


Photo Credit : Atif Saeed


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