Nikon Adds Indian Language Support to its Cameras

Nikon India has announced the integration of popular Indian languages namely Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali to its camera menu options. The features have been integrated into their latest models and even the ones which were launched last year. This is a strategic move by the company as it looks to expand its reach and tap the potential of the regional market for digital cameras in the country.

Nikon is one of the first companies in this product segment to add language support to its cameras. Smartphone companies already have local language support for their devices. Companies see the Indian market as a region with huge poteintial, as many in the country have not even experienced smartphones, let alone digital cameras. Companies are rushing in with cheap affordable product in order to reach the uninhabited regions. Both Google and Apple provide options for some Indian languages on Android and iOS.

“The Indian language in camera menu is in-line with our mission of promoting photography culture in India and a testament to the conscious effort of refining our capabilities to create new value for the image taking process. With this functionality we are enabling consumers with greater ease of using the camera and utilizing the technical features. We are hopeful that the language support will help consumers become comfortable with their camera and enjoy photography,” Hiroshi Takashina, Managing Director, Nikon India said.

With this move, Nikon has broken the language barrier, enabling people to develop an easier and quicker coordination with it’s cameras.


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