Flickr 4.0

Have you heard about the latest update to the Flickr app, version 4.0 ? In the past, it has changed design and features multiple times. But this time along with the new interface, this new version brings a host of new features that most Flickr users will surely love.

What’s New

This feature automatically uploads all photos and videos from your device onto your Flickr account. Everything remains private until you choose to manually share them. Since all Flickr accounts have 1TB of free storage space, you don’t need to worry about the space 🙂 There is also an Automatic De-Duplication feature that automatically deletes any duplicates of the same photo or video.
It’s not a new idea as Dropbox and few others already have it. But Flickr offers vastly more storage than either of those options.

Camera Roll

This feature organizes pictures based on Date taken and Date uploaded, into a reverse-chronological timeline. New Flickr still has Photostream feature along with the new feature ‘Camera Roll’. It shows all your pictures (public and private) through a timeline ruler, which lets you jump to any month or year without having to scroll.


Magic View

Camera Roll’s magical feature is called as “Magic View”. You can skip naming and tagging your photos, as Flickr now knows if the photo is of a beach, a wedding, a bird, a portrait. It presents a collapsible left-side list of photographic categories/subjects present in your photos.


Bulk Processing

The Camera Roll offers a bunch of other helpful features. Just click on ‘Select all’ link or click and drag to highlight a bunch of photos. And now you can do batch-edit, change privacy, create new album or add to an existing one, share, download them in a zip file at their original resolution or delete them.


Insta Share

A new Share button provides a private link to the album. You can also swipe across your photos to select a few from your Camera Roll and click “Share.”


Image recognition in search

The new Search box uses the same image-recognition technology to search all photos on Flickr at once. Searching for “apple pie” will find photos of apple pie and not apples and pies. And once it returns results, you can filter down the results according to colors and other filters(like Bokeh, Black and White, Patterns etc).
Here’s my search for Daisy

— and here’s when I turned on the Blue and Black check boxes


Overall, this is an extremely impressive upgrade. You can read the details on Flickr Blog as well. Try it out right now and tell me which feature you liked the most.


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